Kelly Gibson Sweat Social

Get sweaty, be social. This is what we live for. 

Sweat Social is here to shake up your workout routine! Created by Kelly Gibson, an events and marketing professional with a passion (obsession) for health and fitness, Sweat Social aims to get people excited about living a healthy and active lifestyle by producing fun and inspiring events for the body and mind. Entering her late 20’s, Kelly was tired of the party scene (although still enjoys a vino or two!) and was craving weekend social activities that didn’t involve eating or drinking out. Not interested in the endless running festivals and events and wanting a little more than the typical Saturday morning bootcamp, Kelly set to work creating Sweat Social, an opportunity to catch up with friends, get sweaty and have a whole lotta' fun! 

Sweat Social has grown rapidly since launching mid 2017 and has hosted monthly events with up to 150 attendees in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in nightclubs, at gyms and fitness studios and secret rooftop locations. You can check out photos from all our amazing events here

We can't wait to get sweaty with you soon!