The Sweat Test: Harlow Hot Pilates & Yoga

harlow b with grace caird

By Kelly Gibson

Welcome to the Sweat Social blog! Each fortnight we will be bringing you the ‘SS Sweat Test’, reviewing the latest and greatest workouts in Brisbane and beyond! For our first Sweat Test, I hit one of our favourite yoga studios, Harlow Hot Pilates & Yoga in Newstead for a Harlow B class with the amazing Grace Caird (@yogafullofgrace).

Harlow might not look like much from the outside, but it’s a pumping little studio and it’s not uncommon for their classes to have 40 attendees or more. As I enter this studio for this afternoon’s class (Saturday), the vibe is calm and welcoming and each person entering the studio is warmly welcomed by today’s instructor, Grace. As the name suggests, Harlow provides yoga & pilates classes heated by FIR (Far Infared). You can find all the juicy details about how FIR works here but basically by working out in 32 degree heat generated by FIR, you can expect improved circulation to the muscles, reduced body fat, increased flexibility, faster recovery time, a metabolism boost and more.....ummmm, sign me up!?

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Harlow offers 4 customised classes and today I completed Harlow B with Grace, a friendly and highly experienced yoga instructor who recently travelled to India to deepen yoga training. Grace has actually taught yoga at 2 Sweat Social events so far, so naturally, we think she’s pretty great! I really like that Grace relates her yoga teachings back to real life, for example, she spoke about relating a challenging yoga pose, to overcoming a situation in our work or personal lives. For devoted yogis, the practice is a way of life, far more than a class, and I really love the connection to the mental state and breath that is at the core of yoga practice.

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Harlow B is a slower, alignment focused yoga class and Grace informed that we would be focusing on hip openers and practicing headstands. I was a little nervous as I’ve never done one but excited to give it a try!

We warmed up quickly by running through a series a sun salutations and I was dripping sweat in no time (just the way I like it😉) We then moved on to some hip opener exercises and poses to prepare us for the headstands (think high and low planks to get the shoulders and triceps burning!). We moved on to headstands and I was surprised with how quickly I picked it up! Grace was monitoring the room and helping with technique however I did head a couple of people falling and backs slapping on the concrete floor- I’m glad I chose to practice up against the wall! We finished up the class with some gentle stretches and my favourite part, savasana. The class concluded with a quick namaste and we were free to pack up our mats and leave.


Sweat level: 💦💦💦💦💦 This is HOT yoga so you're going to get REALLY sweaty. If you don't enjoy the heat or dripping in your own sweat (how could you NOT?!) perhaps try a normal yoga class an ease yourself into it.

Who should give it a go: Anyone! If you are training regularly, especially at a high intensity, 1 yoga class a week is the perfect complimentary workout and this is how I personally integrate yoga into my routine. It’s the perfect Saturday or Sunday afternoon workout to rejuvenate tired muscles, improve mobility and calm a busy mind.

Harlow is located in Byres Street in Newstead and offers a range of membership options including a 2 week intro offer for just $39. You can find all the details and sign up for the deal here.

Have you been to Harlow or has this blog inspired you to try it? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!