The Sweat Test: Science of Fitness


primal with declan & rory

By Kelly Gibson


Science of Fitness has been on my radar for quite a while, and this week, I finally made it over to South Brisbane for their signature Primal Class. Primal is designed to test you physically and mentally. Expect high intensity rounds, short rest periods and vigorous full body movements. Designed for mobility, power and endurance.

As I enter Science of Fitness on a Wednesday evening, I immediately feel the energy in the gym. About 15 people are hanging around, waiting for the class and there are others working out in the training area doing squats, mobility exercises and warming up on the assault bike. As their name suggests the SOF team specialise in scientifically based, intelligent training and I notice a big focus on mobility and technique which is crucial for long term, injury free training. Before I knew it, the class had started and it only took about 2 minutes before my quads were burning and I was sweating.

Straight away, I am struck by the sense of comradery among the class. Everyone is cheering each other on and the high fives are plentiful. This is my kind of gym! The girls I was working with were super friendly and explained how the session worked and showed me the exercises I was unfamiliar with. I immediately felt part of the team which is so important when checking out a new studio or gym.

The instructor Declan introduced himself and stuck close by me throughout the workout to show me any tricky moves (which there were plenty- wtf is a ‘crocodile!?’). The first part of the class consisted of rounds of three exercises including straddles, double pumps, crocodiles, wall sits and bear crawls, completed three times at a 20:10 work to rest ratio. I thought it was pretty tough, until we moved to the next part of the workout which consisted of relay races of different animal moves, including Gorilla Bounds and Crab Walks. The races were only 45 seconds long so with three people, only about 15 seconds of work each however when the exercises are all full body, explosive movements, 15 seconds is more than enough to spike the heart rate and get the metabolism firing.

We finished with a series of two minute AMRAPS consisting of Xplodes, sit throughs and donkey kicks which left me totally spent. At the end of the class, Declan got us all to lay down with our legs up against the wall. Not sure what the science behind this is (assuming something to do with blood flow and lactic acid) but it was super relaxing and a nice way to wrap up the class.




Think you need a big gym and fancy equipment to get an epicly sweaty workout in? Think again! All you need is your body and a bit of encouragement from the SOF trainers.

Who should give it a go: Anyone looking to learn some new skills and how to use their body in the most efficient way possible. Primal is just one of the classes SOF run, they have a range of classes you can check out here as well as personal training so if you are ready to take your training to the next level, I would definitely recommend you check out SOF.

The pitfalls: Parking is definitely tricky given the central location. SOF has a handful of car parks but if you miss out, street parking can be an issue during peak times. I’d recommend arriving at least 15 mins early to allow enough time to find a spot. The music definitely wasn’t to my taste either, old school pub rock just isn’t my jam however, it seemed to be a hit with the members with many singing along at times, so hey, who am I to complain? ;)

Science of Fitness offer 7 day free trials and there are heaps of classes to choose from - 26 to be exact across 8 different formats. Click here to find out more and sign up for your free trial.



15 Manning Street 

South Brisbane, QLD 4101