The Sweat Test: Keep It Cleaner (KIC) workout at The Fitness Show

Keep it Cleaner (KIC) workout with Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw at The Fitness Show

By Kelly Gibson

This weekend The Fitness Show was in town and and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get sweaty with some our fav fitness babes Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner. Read on to find out what happened when we got sweaty with over 60 KIC girls at The Fitness Show!

Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw believe that when you eat clean, think clean and train clean, you can take on the world! The girls (both massively successful in their own rights) started Keep It Cleaner (or KIC for short) after bonding over their mutual struggles with nutrition, body image and social media whilst working in the cut-throat industry of international fashion modelling. They have amassed over 180,000 Instagram followers with their popular online program- KIC, an online lifestyle program featuring HIIT, boxing, running, strength training, healthy meal plans, meditation sessions and life hacks. Their online program includes a private Facebook group full of supportive and devoted KIC girls, many of which were sweating it out with us at The Fitness Show!

When the girls came on stage, I definitely had a little #fangirl moment, they’re both so stunning and sweet and Steph’s booty is just outta  goddamn control- I definitely need to up my squat game! They were joined by KIC trainer Danny, and explained how the session would run; a warm up with Danny followed by 15 minutes with Steph and 15 minutes with Laura.

After a quick warm up with Danny, we were straight into the first section of the workout with Steph which focused heavily on one of her favourite exercises- shadow boxing. I’ve dabbled in boxing (and looooove how powerful you feel punching a bag) but this was completely different and really, I just felt like a total gumby! Steph made it look effortless and cool (the way models do) but I’m quite sure I looked as awkward and uncoordinated as I felt. The girls made it fun however and Laura’s commentary got my laughing and I pushed my way through the circuit of shadow boxing, squats, lunges and sit ups. This part of the workout was HIIT style- similar to many of the KIC workouts the girls explained, so we worked for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest. 15 minutes later and Round 1 was done.


It was Laura’s time to make us sweat with more HIIT and a burpee finisher promised. We continued on with rounds of high knees, push ups and more squats and by this point I was really sweating (luckily I had my monogrammed Toska Active towel with me!). If you follow Laura on the gram’ and watch her stories you know she is just sweet as can be and her infectious laugh and non stop motivation made the workout really enjoyable. We finished with a 5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of a pyramid (ie. decreasing reps each round) of burpees and sit ups and the girls pushed us through right till the last minute.

Following the workout Danny took us through a series of stretches as the girls explained more about the KIC program and their motivation behind the movement. Although the girls are both stunning models and prominent fitness influencers, they are actually super down to earth and it is obvious that they genuinely care about their KIC girls and the community. We also saw the girls at the Wellness Hub on the Sunday for their Healthy Substitutes for a Healthy Life talk and they were equally as open and authentic then.

THE VERDICT:  While I enjoyed the workout and definitely got my sweat on, I wouldn’t say I found it super challenging. Having said that, the girls made it fun and their energy and passion for their community made me want to become a KIC girl myself!

Sweat Level: 💦💦💦

KIC is an online program costing less than $5 per week. Features include workout videos, daily meal plans, private online community and loads of other resources for a clean, happy and healthy lifestyle.

Who should try KIC? Online programs are awesome for people who travel alot or are simply time poor (everyone!). Being an online program, workouts can be completed anywhere with little to no equipment. The downfall however is that it’s SO much harder to motivate and push yourself at home where noone is watching but with the awesomely supportive KIC community behind you, you really can’t go wrong 😝