The Sweat Test: Venus Fitness


Warrior Workout with Karen Logan

By Kelly Gibson

Who run the world? GIRLS! This week we got sweaty at Venus Fitness, where girls rule!

This week I checked out Venus Fitness in Coorparoo, a small, women’s only gym with a unique and inspiring approach to health and fitness. Their female focused fitness  includes group classes, personal training, pre and post-natal programs, free childminding and pilates- perfect for mums and mums to be!

I was scheduled to do the Warrior workout on a cold and rainy Wednesday afternoon. I’ll admit, I DID NOT feel like leaving the house and hitting the gym but after 45 minutes of sweaty fun with the lovely girls at Venus, I was feeling on top of the world! When I arrived at the studio, I was greeted by manager Karen who showed me around the modest but charming warehouse style gym. Venus has a massive childminding room and Karen explained that their free childminding meant they had a large group of mummy members.

More ladies started to roll in for the Warrior class, about 15 in total which pleasantly surprised me given the dreary weather. The demographic was mixed, a range of ages, shapes and sizes of women committed to their training and ready to unleash their inner Warrior which I just LOVE to see. I unexpectedly ran into an old friend Bree, who recently signed up. Bree explained that being new to fitness game, she and a friend chose Venus as they didn’t feel like they had to be super fit to belong like some other big name studios they’d checked out, and the price point was more to their liking to 😉 

We began the class with Karen explaining the workout. 3 lots 9 minute AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible) with 4 different exercises in each. For example, one AMRAP included 4 x sled push laps, 8 battle rope slams, 6 burpees and 10 lying side crunches. 9 minutes is a long time to be working without break (well, it is to me!) so I was nervous/ excited to get started! The exercises mainly consisted of explosive full body & compound moves such as the rower, sled push, kettle-bells swings, dumbbell snatches and burpees. This is really my favourite style of training as combining these type of exercises with minimum rest is the best way to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass giving the workout a big tick of approval from me!

Venus Resized 2.png

We warmed up with a series of 30 seconds blocks of work including skipping, squats and lunges and got straight into the workout. I pushed myself pretty hard (as I’ve been indulging in waaaaaaay too many winter carbs) and the workout was challenging however, I do think some of the rep ranges were too low to reach max capacity on that exercise. Regardless of that, I finished each round panting, sweaty and in desperate need of a break, which is really the aim of the game!

If you’ve read my previous Sweat Tests you’ll know that music is important to me when working out so I’ve got to give Karen props for the EPIC playlist. A combination of electro-pop bangers and 90’s classics definitely put a smile on my dial and pushed me through the workout!

The verdict: 💦💦💦 A moderate level of sweat with the option to go hard, or take it easy with a range of weights and regressed options available. The workout was fun, well programmed and the vibe was friendly and inclusive. A great location right across the road from Coorparoo Square and ample parking is also a bonus.

Who should give Venus a go? Girls who don’t like training with the guys or feel intimidated by the ‘fit’ people in bigger gyms or studios (side note, if this is you, you shouldn’t! But more on that another time🙌)