Get sweaty, be social. This is what we live for here at Sweat Social. We simply love getting sweaty, inspiring people to be active, happy & healthy and connecting with others who share our passion!

We aim to strengthen the SS community and bring you even more sweaty goodness in 2019 with the launch off Sweat Social Memberships! By signing up, you will earn yourself the prestigious ‘Sweat Socialite’ title, aka, a fun loving, sweat dripping, fitness fanatic ready to tackle any workout we throw your way!

‘What does a SS Membership include and how do I sign up?’, we hear you ask. By becoming a ‘Sweat Socialite’, you’ll receive the following perks and benefits:

  • Exclusive access to member only workouts and workshops. Only open to SS Members, we’ll be checking out new gyms, trying new workouts and learning from local health and fitness experts

  • Sweat Socialite singlet (only available to SS Members)

  • Sweat Social Goodie Bag at Sweat Social events

  • Pre-sale and 15% discount off Sweat Social events

  • Discounts and special offers with our local health & wellness partners

Click HERE to check out the perks of being a Sweat Socialite

SS Membership cost: $20/ per month

Initial payment: $55 (First monthly payment + Sweat Socialite singlet + delivery)

Billed monthly

Cancel anytime


We can’t wait to get sweaty with you!💦💦💦